Userfriendly Bitcoin Payment Infrastructure for Business Owners & Customers Is Key To Monetary Evolution.

Keyvan Davani
6 min readMay 5, 2020


After more than a week sitting on my ass, I finally managed to turn my Casa2-hardware (Raspberry Pi4 etc.) into a “mynode”-Full Node with approximately 80–90% of all the available & integrated functions, features, and apps (Lightning & Samourai wallets; HWW etc.) activated and connected to my own full node.

Even before I started to read and watch tons of instructional materials and prepare myself for this techy-nerdy-geeky mental masturbation procedure,
I thought to myself: how the fuck is an average (non-technical) user, customer, shop-&business-owner, or merchant supposed to use this technology, its applications & payment-infrastructure (Full Node; Hardware Wallet; Point of Sale; Lightning Wallet;…not to mention taking care of enhanced Security; Privacy; Coinjoining; etc.). To put this into perspective: my girlfriend, who is running her own company, business, and shop by herself and works literally seven days a week, would love to offer her customers an alternative Bitcoin-payment-system, but she simply has neither the time, energy, or (technical) knowledge to integrate a full node, point of sale….and connect all its necessary gadgets into her own accounting-system (regulations, taxes etc).

If we truly wish to manifest freedom, prosperity, and abundance with the hardest and absolutely scarcest money ever created in this truly monetary evolution, then we- individually and in totality within the Bitcoin space — urgently need to speed up the process of critical adoption rate, first by empathizing with the masses of the economically crushed business-owners, whether they are shop-owners or online-merchants or whatever.

I know that many of the tech-developers and other species within the Bitcoin community are essentially doing their work out of their ethos, ideas, vision, and love for Bitcoin. Many of them are financially (co-) dependent on donations, grants, sponsorship-money etc. This is why I think these folks should be incentivized, motivated, and fairly compensated for their passionate work and extremely valuable contributions to the monetary-technological evolution. On the other end of the extreme, could it be that developers are expecting too much from Bitcoin-noobs or maybe they are just overestimating the intellectual or technical capabilities of the average person, when it comes to using these new technologies and applications? This topic should be dealth with in a separate article or podcast-episode.

There is nothing wrong with empowering people, motivating them to take upon self-responsibility in educating themselves….and to have them learn by themselves. But seriously, do you really know how the internet, the router, your operating system on your computer, or your flat-screen TV works?
I don´t. Most of the stuff is like driving a car, once you have learnt how to.
But I don´t know shit how or why the engine under the hood functions.

Let me get to my intended point, before I digress into a rant here. I am aware of the fact that the purchase, handling, and hodling of Bitcoin has dramatically become easier and safer since the immaculate conception of Bitcoin. According the principles of Bitcoin´s progression levels — and in order to become a totally self-sovereign individual — you should run a full node. “Do not trust, verify!”. Why? So that you validate and verify every damned transaction and monetary operation with Bitcoin with your own full node. When you are not relying on other “third” servers, providers, parties, intermediaries etc, then you are your own divine Central Bank.
Pun intended. Imagine each and every human individual being their own self-sovereign and free Bitcoin citizen- beyond DEcentralization is Distributed Power and Control. This is probably what Uncle Andreas Antonopoulos is trying to communicate in his soul-speeches full of genuine tears in connection with Bitcoin´s technology. Bitcoin is the end of the fucking slavery and matrix- sadly the brainwashing, dogma, indoctrination, and “vaccinated” fear has rooted deeply the super-centralized, criminally immune structures of Central Banks, Governments, & their execution-puppets.

Let me get back to my desired and intended point, desire, wish, and prioritized strategy: Bitcoiners like myself still have the luxury of time to study, learn, and educate myself on how to run a full node with all its exhausting and frustrating trial & error-processes. I am really grateful for the different telegram-groups of “mynode” and instructional videos by volunteers, but those “educational” materials did not help or solve my various issues I ran into — like so many others having either identical, similar, or totally different technical issues. For example: just to accomplish the port-forwarding to my node, it took me 2 days, until I understood that my router-provider had to deactivate my IPv6 (whatever the fuck that means). Just to be clear: I am not blaming anybody here and I am not the only user with one technical issue and complication after another. What I am trying to communicate: most people -whether an average user, customer, or merchant- simply do not have the luxury of time, energy, technical and/or language-intellectual-technical skills to figure out all these technical procedures with trial&error-procedures by themselves. When a project like “mynode” only has 1 or 2 people working on it, we can only rely on volunteers and other experienced users, who can share their knowledge with other noobs like myself. The result: I and many others are still wating for a reply, feedback, or any kind of concrete help in resolving the remaining technical issues in connection with running a full node and all its necessary applications.

I understand that we are not there yet, where everything runs smoothly like a one-click “Plug & Play” device. I know with all the ingenious brains out there, we can achieve exponential technogical evolution for humanity.
Yeah, patience….fuck that. We need true Trust in our intelligence, creativity, and Soul.

My specific proposal: let us create multi-language special educational task force-teams with knowledgable and technically skilled “advisors” from different projects (BTCPayServer, mynode, Lightning, Samourai, strike etc.), who can be preferably deployed in different countries. These teams can then be paid (in Bitcoin and/or Fiat) and support (small) business-/shop-owners, and merchants in the process of setting up and implementing a userfriendly and easy “alternative” Bitcoin-Payment-infrastructure. Another suggestion could be to have a special access or sort of a “hotline” in the context of a support-package, if minor technical questions should arise.

I and many other Bitcoiners are experiencing and encountering more and more open-minded and woke people — who have not talked to us in years — asking us how to buy and hodl Bitcoin. Naturally I am not surprised, after the criminal Central Banks & governments are printing Trillions of debt-based money like crack-addicts….and aggressively destroying the existence of billions of people.
Now is the perfect pulse of our non-coincidental times to embrace the curiosity and monetary-economical pain-points of our fellow human beings.

My strategic priority is to equip as many merchants, shop-owners, and businesses as possible with a totally self-sovereign Bitcoin payment-infrastructure, so that their customers have an alternative option to pay with Bitcoin and/or Fiat via Jack Maller´s Strike or some kind of automatic “Transmuter” or “Converter” (extra BTCPayServer-feature?), so that the customer does not even have to think about Bitcoin during the payment-transaction.

Let us work together.
For Freedom, Peace, and Abundance.

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Keyvan Davani

Dr. jur. Keyvan Davani is educator, show-host, consultant, and speaker on Bitcoin & Austrian Economics.