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Keyvan Davani
2 min readMay 27, 2019

By now, most people- even in the mainstream media — have understood that the total amount of all Bitcoins — to be mined until the year 2140 —
is predetermined, absolutely limited, and set in stone with 21 Million Bitcoins since the release of Satoshi Nakomoto´s coded version 0.1 in 2009.
Various analysts have estimated that approximately a minimum of 2.7 up to a maximum of 4 million Bitcoins have been “lost” due to a number
of possible reasons: lost private keys, owners died without taking care of inheritance-issues and not leaving behind the access to their private keys etc.
Since there are approximately 3.2 million Bitcoins still to be mined and considering the amount of Bitcoins lost forever, the fascinating question arises
as to how many Satoshis or what (smallest) fraction of 1 Bitcoin every human being could own or “hodl”?
Hypothetically, if we should assume that 3 Million Bitcoins have already been lost, then there would only be 18 Million Bitcoins in totality.
If every Bitcoin is divisible and made of 100 Million Satoshis, then 18 Mio. x 100 Mio. = 1.8 quadrillion Satoshis.
Even if we had assumed no lost coins whatsoever, here my question to the mathematically talented (Bitcoin-) experts.
Considering the already “hodled”, mined and to be mined Bitcoins until the year 2140, what is the realistic amount of Satoshis or fraction of 1 Bitcoin to be owned by all 7.5–8 billion human beings on this planet?

Last, but not least-out of curiosity- do you (theoretically) think that the 1 Million Bitcoins, which Satoshi Nakomoto had “reserved” for himself in the early days of the birth of Bitcoins, could be “evenly” distributed equally to all human beings in the future?

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