The Silence of Humanity on the Root-Cause of Human Slavery, Control, and Suffering: The Criminal Nature of the Money Printers. Is Humanity Mature for The Holy Grail of Evolution? Bitcoin.

The Keyvan Davani Connection
  • laser-focus more of my time and energy on researching Bitcoin — especially from the perspective of law.
  • Share with you my independent research without the delays or influence of institutionalized mainstream intermediaries, and without having to “manipulate” my information or to satisfy the biased expectation of “peer-reviewers”.
  • Collaborate with specialized research-experts in their respective fields (technology, economics, law) and deliver my knowledge-based speeches on a global scale, in order to make the total central banking-structures and the inflationary fiat-debt-system of governments legally obsolete, by proving the absolute lack of legal-constitutional legitimacy.
  • Humanity is wealthy with the hardest money and store of value ever in human history: Bitcoin. Humanity does not know it yet. By educating yourself first, you decide to make the best investment into yourself and your physical-monetary future.
  • Understanding the technology — before buying and holding Bitcoins- gives you total trust!



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Keyvan Davani

Keyvan Davani


Dr. jur. Keyvan Davani is educator, show-host, consultant, and speaker on Bitcoin & Austrian Economics.