Self-Sovereign Individuals & Hyperbitcoinized Technologies

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” (Quote by R. Buckminster Fuller)

Keyvan Davani
5 min readFeb 17, 2021
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Slavery or Freedom?

As humanity is transitioning into a more and more purely digital, cryptographically protected, decentralized, censorship- & seizure-resistant, unconfiscatable, and borderless zero-to-one technologically advanced civilization, it is time then to reflect upon a possibly cruel reality human individuals are about to be confronted with.

We have a huge challenge to make the literally untouchable structures of monopolies on aggression, violence, coercion, wars, ….and systemic theft
(taxation, inflation etc.) obsolete.
In short: Humanity needs to get ouf of this horrendous slavery (read the fantastic article by Robert Breedlove.

Some of the critical thinkers outside Bitcoin’ echo-chamber,
such as Dave Collum or Godfrey Bloom, have articulated their serious concerns about the future of Bitcoin and the Bitcoin community, even though they do admit their lack of knowledge and comprehension of Bitcoin.

I have a lot of respect for intellectuals, who are open-minded and can question the existing matrix outside the box. There are a few essential points that are not understood. If we, as individuals and humanity, cannot free ourselves from the shackles of the existing slavery- controlled by Central Banks, nation-states, governments & other technocratic puppets, and the military-industrial-corporate-intelligence-complex, then we are fucked one way or another.

This is why Bitcoin matters on a never seen or experienced fundamental root-level. Philosophical and theoretical discussions alone are not of much help- in my humble opinion. Human Action is more urgent than ever now.
The book “The Sovereign Individual” is often cited and quoted in so many discussions on Bitcoin-podcasts and in many articles or books, but I have never heard a really deep down the rabbit hole elaboration on how the “sovereign” individuals would be able to resist, defy, and defend themselves against the potentially executed aggression, violence, and coercion by an extremely powerful militarized and highly technologically weaponized police-state within any nation-state or supranational entity (EU; NATO; mercenaries etc.). Read the enlightning articles on Bitcoin & Sovereignty by Erik Cason.

We seriously need to forget this extremely naive imagination that the political puppets and structures- owned & controlled by literally a few hundred people, who are in control of Central Banks, military-industrial-complex, and technologies- will just surrender their gigantic power and obsession for controlling humanity. This is not about money, wealth, or economy anymore.
We are talking about the ultimate fight of approximately 8 billion people on Planet Earth against super-centralized, control-obsessive, and parasitic structures- beyond imagination- who have no fucking ethical principles or empathy whatsoever.

What comes after Hyperbitcoinization?

Let us assume for a moment that a few billion people start buying bitcoin and tens of thousands of businesses start buying Bitcoin as Treasury Reserves…and eventually we reach astronomical hyperbitcoinization (read ObiWan Kenobit’s super-bullish article)- eventually we will reach at least a $ 100 Trillion-Bitcoin-Market.

If Bitcoin’ s ultimate goal is to separate money from the State and give humanity true freedom, then we have no choice other than to bring up the question on how we- the “self-sovereign” individuals- should deal with potentially aggressive, violent, coercive, and systemically stealing nation-states, governments, and central banks- who are in control of highly technologically advanced and super-militarized police-states and hardware.

Bitcoin is still very far away from the visible pain-point of governments or central banks, but it could happen faster than expected (as Parker Lewis says in his articles: “Gradually- then suddenly”).

Defensive preparation against the criminal nation-states, central banks, and highly technological-militarized police?

Pre-emptive preparation on every level is strategically the only rational option humanity got. As Bitcoin’s mass-adoption is about to go into full gear within the next 5–10 years and technological corporations, independent from governmental control and military-industrial complex, are loading up billions and trillions worth of bitcoin onto their Treasury’ balance sheet, we will hopefully encounter more and more zero-to-one & scalable technological innovations in the sectors of energy-production, transportation (vertical take-off flying vehicles, air-taxis, drones etc.), living space…and for defensive purposes (also worth reading one of my other published articles).

Technologically advanced defensive technologies will most probably go hand in hand with “Citadels” or “Free Private Cities” in the near future (check out my podcast-episode with Titus Gebel & Jeff Booth and other experts on this topic, CEO of Free Private Cities).

Self-Sovereignty, Hyperbitcoinized Technologies, Abundance, and Freedom are humanity’s desires.
Each one of us has some kind of deep fear underneath our conscious awareness. Unfortunately, the “Matrix” of Central Banks, Nation-States, & Governments has systematically indoctrinated, brainwashed, dogmatized, deceived, manipulated, defrauded, and stolen from humanity unimaginable amounts of time, value, and (technological) ingenuity.
Bitcoin is the evolutionary pin that will “blow up” these sick, parasitic, destructive, and seeminlgy untouchable structures beyond criminality- and finally, for the first time ever in human history- humanity can unleash its power of scientific, technological and creative ingenuity, rooted in the hardest and scarcest money. Humanity will experience the first time deflationary economics on an unprecedented scale- with an ever increasing purchasing power of Bitcoin in a world of emerging zero-to-one technological innovations and economical-structural abundance- on every level you can imagine.

If you wish a beautiful and abundant future for yourself and your children, all you need to do is to buy a small fraction of one Bitcoin and hodl. Everything else will take care of itself. There are so many ethical and dedicated Bitcoiners out there, who educate, build, develop and innovate. We are witnessing an incredible wave of more and more userfriendly technological applications: Hardware Wallets, mobile Wallets, self-validating full nodes, decentralized peer-to-peer exchanges, Privacy-Tools, Transactional Lightning Layers on top of Bitcoin’s Protocol…and so much more.

Can you hear the sound of Freedom knocking on your door? All you need to do is to make self-sovereign choices in your life and welcome the essence and ethos of the seed of monetary-technological evolution and freedom: Bitcoin.

Final Note.

This short article, will hopefully initialize and inspire the many brilliant Bitcoiners, scientists, technologists, researchers, authors, insiders, and whistleblowers to join me in a series of deeper, practical, tangible, and multi-facetted discussions on this special and often ignored topic with a spectrum of experts, researchers, authors, insiders, and whistleblowers, on my show
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