Scientific and Technological Evolution on the Monetary RootLayer of Bitcoin.

Keyvan Davani
3 min readMay 12, 2019
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Imagine a world where the human civilization has matured and evolved on every level you can think of- on the “soundest” monetary rootlayer of Bitcoin: the hardest, scarcest, open, neutral, censorship-resistant, borderless, uncontrollable, unstoppable…and totally decentralized monetary rootlayer will have finally become part of our nature in the creation of exponential value and servitude to humanity in totality.

Let us try to understand the questions together. After understanding the question “Why Bitcoin?!”, we should ask ourselves what is the overall purpose, intention, vision, and wish behind all these complex talks on Bitcoin within the infinite circles of intelligence and knowledge. At the end of the day, what shall Bitcoin be good for? Not only do all of us wish for ourselves and the children of the future an existence in freedom, wealth, prosperity, and physical-material wellbeing, but should we not seek after an evolutionary and peaceful condition with spiritual, intellectual, emotional, scientific, and technological evolutionary process by an exponential rate of speed in synchronicity?

In his book “The Bitcoin Standard”, Saifedean Ammous cites or mentions on page 96–98, chapter: “Money and Time Preference”, sub-chapter: ”Innovations: “Zero to One” versus “One to Many” “- the works of Bunch&Hellemans, The History of Science and Technology (2004), Jonathan Huebner, A Possible Declining Trend for Worldwide Innovation (2005), and Peter Thiel, From Zero to One: Notes on Start-ups, or How to Build the Future (2014). Ammous, based on the above mentioned works and studies, concludes that “The wonders of the twentieth century´s improvements make it easy to forget that the actual inventions — the transformative world-changing innovations — almost all came in the golden era…”.

Referring to Peter Thiel´s popular book “From Zero to One”, Ammous says:
“The move from having “zero to one” successful example of technology, as he terms it, is the hardest and most significant step in an invention, whereas the move from “one to many” is a matter of scaling, marketing, and optimization. Those of us who are enamored with the concept of progress might find it hard to swallow the fact that the world of sound money pre-1914 was the world of zero to one, whereas the post-1914 world of government-produced money is the world of moving from one to many….There is nothing wrong with the move from one to many, but it certainly gives us plenty of food for thought to consider why we do not have many more zero-to-one transformations under our modern monetary system…The majority of the technology we use in our modern life was invented in the nineteenth century, under the gold standard, financed with ever-growing stock of capital accumulated by savers storing their wealth in a sound money and store of value which did not depreciate quickly.”
The only point I would disagree with Ammous is: there are many zero-to-one transformational-technological innovations, but not open or disclosed to the general public since many decades. I am talking about the many thousands of scientific and technological (patented) ideas, implementations, innovations and products within the corporate-military-industrial complex, which have either been suppressed, confiscated in the name of “national security”, or simply not disclosed to humanity. The reasons are obvious: highly disruptive and damaging for the status quo of the super-centralized power-control-obsessive structures- beginning with the owners and shareholders of the central banks, who are literally above the law, legally immune and untouchable (read my first articles in connection with the Bank for International Settlements).

My essential intention and wish in connection with this article is to find knowledgeable Bitcoiners & Austrian Economists, experts, scientists or technologists in their respective fields, who would share their knowledge, perspectives, thoughts, opinions, visions, and wisdom on the future of human societies and civilization in the years and decades to come- with the monetary rootlayer of Bitcoin as the accelerator for an exponential rate of speed in the disclosure, development, and usage of technological innovations- serving humanity in peace.

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