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Human Life rooted in Bitcoin

For all born and unborn Children of Humanity

Keyvan Davani
4 min readAug 28, 2020


Some of the standard questions I often ask my guests on my show TotalBitcoin:

  • How do you envision humanity´s future with Bitcoin as the monetary rootlayer?
  • How could the life of the average person look like or be transformed in a society or civilization based on Bitcoin?
  • How can you imagine a (hyper-) Bitcoinized world on a monetary, economical, social, structural, scientific-technological, and spiritual level?
  • What is your imagination, dream, and comprehension of a monetary evolution, rooted in Bitcoin?

Hardly any of my interviewed guests can describe a concrete (!) idea, dream, vision or a realistic individual “testimonial” in connection with Bitcoin- the very thing we- Bitcoiners- are all so excited about and obsessed with. Without going into the emotional-psychological rabbit hole, I have the feeling the reason for the usual default answer (“I do not know what the future will look like…”; “I don´t want to speculate on the future” blabla) could be also the lack of imagination and holistic comprehension of all the pieces of the bigger picture- on every level you can think of: monetary, economical principles (true free market principles, structural (contractual protection of private property & liberty, health, freedom); social, scientific-technological etc.

There are tons of educational materials by extremely passionate and knowledgeable Bitcoiners on the monetary, economical, and structural causes and effects. Whether you read books and articles, listen to a bunch of podcasts, watch videos or documentaries…learning and educating yourself is an inevitable and indispensable part of your comprehension process down the rabbit hole of Bitcoin.

There is no need to spoon-feed 8 billion people with our collected knowledge, comprehension, and enlightenment, but if we truly wish to see humanity´s evolution — at least in the next few decades- then we need to empathize with the deeply emotional, existential, psychological, intellectual, and mental necessities, needs, and desires of billions of people.

If we, Bitcoiners, cannot answer a simple question as to how the life of an average human being could change in a society, rooted in the hardest & scarcest money ever created, then we lack the conviction, trust, imagination, and comprehension of the essence and potential of Bitcoin.
Simply, the vision is: No governments. No central banks.
Only free markets, and free private cities. Freedom, baby!

Understanding the reasons and root-cause of the criminality of the monetary system and the resulting multi-facetted economical, financial, social, and existential symptoms is absolutely essential, but in order to initiate and accelerate the critical adoption rate of Bitcoin and its unprecedented monetary evolution in human history, we would need an empathetic, emotionally touching, intellectually simplified, and holistically inspiring visualization with the complimentary pictures, words, sounds, and music.
For this challenging project, we need not only an open-minded, creatively skilled, and knowledgeable team, but also a minimal amount of monetary funding and marketing-resources. Is Elon Musk or Pether Thiel independent enough to do so? Who knows…Let us hope so.

Up to now, we have been hearing and discussing the horrendous effects on humanity by the ongoing and rising inflation, also known as monetary debasement or the central banks´BRRRRRRRRRRR.

The exact monetary-economical opposite would be deflation, where your money gains more and more value and you pay less and less for even better products and services. Besides that, with the hardest and scarcest money, Bitcoin, you are able to save money as a store of value for a very very long time. Yet, what does this mean for a society? What does this mean for the lives of the average human being? How will your life, my life, all our lives and that of our children be changed or elevated? These are exactly the questions hardly anyone dares to ask up to now.

Whether you think of or imagine “Free Private Cities”, “Citadels”, or “Seasteading”-Homes- on land or water- what could the lives in freedom look like? What about the infrastructures in energy production, transportation, energy conversion, agriculture & food, environmental cleansing & recycling, defensive capabilities, security, protection of private property, compensation of damages….and zero-to-one scientific-technological innovation etc.?
This is just a brainstorming for all of us to get warmed up.

Why have there been so many tens of trillions siphoned off into the military-industrial-corporate-complex within a half a century, with its secretive “national security”- yet unimaginably advanced- technology? Now imagine the unleashing of infinitely scientific-technological human ingenuity in every dimension you can imagine — fused with real capitalism rooted in Bitcoin, true free market principles, and without the limitations, theft, or suppression of the patent sytems. Now imagine all these unfathomable technologies serving the needs of total humanity.
To be clear: governments, central banks, and other centralized-criminal structures will be only a thing of the past.

My wish and desire in short: will you help us fund a never-seen-before documentary/film/movie, if we manage to pull together all our intelligence, knowledge, time, creative resources and skills…to make a short video-trailer- giving you a feeling, what the future of a free humanity in a “Free Private Cities”, “Citadels”…or human civilization can look like, once rooted in Bitcoin?

It is truly time to comprehend, imagine, and create.
Now is the time to free ourselves from the systematic slavery- centralized in the criminally immune central banks and governments.

Now is the time for Evolution and Freedom, rooted in the scarcest money. Bitcoin.
Do it for yourself, your beloved ones, and all children for a peaceful future.

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Keyvan Davani

Dr. jur. Keyvan Davani is educator, show-host, consultant, and speaker on Bitcoin & Austrian Economics.