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Buy and Hodl Satoshis.

If you are a total newbie to the space of Bitcoin, let it be said: No, you do not need to buy one whole Bitcoin. Thanks to Satoshi Nakomoto, who set the core-principals of Bitcoin in stone, there will only be an absolutely limited amount of 21 Million coins, the last one to be minted around the year 2140- with a pre-programmed disinflationary difficulty adjustment.

Bitcoin is the scarcest money ever created in human history, which makes it harder and scarcer than gold with its relative scarcity (every year, an additional 1–2 % of gold is added to the existing stock of estimated 195 000 tons).

Bitcoin possesses all the essential and necessary features of a good money. Due do to its one of many features and characteristics- divisibility
(1 Bitcoin=100 Million Satoshis-, you can start “stacking sats” little by little, without any serious consideration, whether the price goes up or down. Why?
Like with any other emerging “spontaneous monetary order”, Bitcoin is still in its evolving infancy: after only 10 years of existence born out of an “immaculate conception”, it has risen from a purely digital collectible commodity to an exponentially value-appreciated store of value. This is why every Bitcoiner, BitcoinMaximalist, BitcoinRealist (which I call myself), and Bitcoin-Austrian Economist (Saifedean Ammous: The Bitcoin Standard) have been trying to communicate and emphasize one wise advice: Buy Bitcoin (or whatever smallest fraction of one Bitcoin=Satoshis)…and just HODL!
Why? Saifedean Ammous explains in his article “Can Bitcoin´s Volalitility be Tamed?” (in: The Journal of Structured Finance) that “…as a store of value, Bitcoin may continue to attract more savings in demand, causing it to continue appreciating significantly compared to all other forms of money until it becomes the prime choice for anyone looking to get paid”.

If we truly desire freedom on every imaginable level, all we need to do is very simple: create human & monetary evolution and actively become part of the Bitcoin-network around Planet Earth by buying and “hodling” Bitcoin- even if it is a handful of Satoshis for the beginning. You and your beloved family will be more than thankful in the years and decades to come.
Learn, read, listen, teach, educate, and empower as many human beings around you as possible, until we reach the critical tipping point for an exponential chain-reaction for mass-adoption of Bitcoin, whatever that number might be. The more people hold on to their Satoshis or Bitcoin for a substantially longer period of time, the stronger and faster the value and purchasing power of Bitcoin will appreciate by order of magnitude in the future.

Once we have the foundation of the hardest and scarcest money-Bitcoin- rooted, we can build all the other decentralized, open, neutral, censorship-resistant, and borderless applications (i.e.: medium of exchange, unit of account, and payment-systems on a massive scale), which are being developed with an incredible rate of speed (Lightning Network; side-chains; privacy; anonymity; fungibility; satellite&mesh-network independent of the internet etc.).

Please, keep the Bitcoin-message very simple for yourself and for the 8 billion human beings: Get a skin in the game, buy, accumulate, and hold on to a small amount of Bitcoin-or a handful of Satoshis. You still can and should keep learning, understanding, and sharing the knowledge on the essence and multifacetted aspects of Bitcoin…and Austrian Economics.

Mass-adoption and your store of value-Bitcoin-will grow by order of magnitude in the next 10 years and beyond, with all the natural and expected volatility-cycles in hyperwaves.

Buy and hodl Satoshis. Buy and hodl Bitcoin.
Trust your own intelligence, knowledge, and comprehension.

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With the transformational power of the hardest and scarcest money ever created in human history, Bitcoin, combined with logical-ethical principles of Austrian Economics, Keyvan trusts in the accelerated initiation and exponential process of monetary, financial, economical, social, scientific, technological, and spiritual evolution of human civilization.



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Keyvan Davani

Dr. jur. Keyvan Davani is educator, show-host, consultant, and speaker on Bitcoin & Austrian Economics.