Buying and Hodling of Bitcoin Needs More Simplification & Empathy.

Keyvan Davani
3 min readJul 10, 2019
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Reading and listening through the infinite twitter-threads, articles, podcasts, videos, and other truly precious “educational” materials aint easy for the curiously minded Bitcoin-newbie. Expecting that the fresh user and hodler starts educating himself on how to “mix” his newly acquired Satoshis with the definitely appreciated mobile&desktop-wallet-applications (Samourai´s Whirlpool, Wasabi etc.) before transferring them to his/her hardware-wallet, cannot be taken seriously, especially when we are talking about the average, technically inexperienced, and insecure user.

Now, I am conscious of the reality of time, patience, and the necessary process of development, in order to make technical/technological applications truly easy and userfriendly. I am aware that every user, whether newbie or a little more experienced, should be self-responsible in taking the minimally necessary time to educate oneself in an open-minded fashion.
Yet, when it comes to security, privacy, fungibility, and other indispensable features (why not more by automatic default?) in the process of buying, sending, mixing, and transferring Satoshis/Bitcoin, I would love to see more simplification and empathy within the Bitcoin-community, whether you are a technical developer or whatever.

Empathic and understandable communication starts by breaking down the often complex, technical, technological, abbreviated, and unfortunately non-pedagogical language. Simply said: it is one thing to be necessarily patient with the process of a technological development for easy ,userfriendly, and intuitive “plug-and-play”-applications. It is another thing, if the Bitcoin-community is unable to educate the already frightened and challenged Bitcoin-newbies with crystalclear instructions, explanations, and visualizations (i.e. videos with better quality on every level).

All I am asking and wishing for: let us work together with more educational &empowering empathy and try our best to make the user-experience of Bitcoin-newbies easier and more intuitive. If we truly intend to facilitate and speed up the process of critical mass-adoption of Bitcoin, then we need to take care of the existing needs, desires, and wishes of our awakening beings in the evolutionary-monetary rootlayering of Bitcoin.

My deepest gratitude to all of you, who have been serving humanity with your ethos, intelligence, knowledge, skills, talents, creativity, courage, wisdom, and your total love within Bitcoin.

Buy and hodl Satoshis. Buy and hodl Bitcoin.
Trust your own intelligence, knowledge, and comprehension.

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