BRRRRRRRRRRR-Fiat Takes Care of Bitcoin´s Mass Adoption.

Keyvan Davani
3 min readMar 24, 2020


We live in a time of unprecendented changes, transformations,…and fear- at least what most people on this planet are concerned.
The politically untouchable, legally unaccountable, and criminally immune entities of monopolistic or oligarchistic governments, Central Banks, and other enslaving structures have started to undress the last fig-leaf.
This time it means that the Central Bankers with their subservient governmental puppets — who sold out their soul a long time ago — don´t give a fuck about humanity´s reaction. The systematic violence, aggression, coercion, and theft in action is in our face.

Still, the tendency of any arrogant and blindly executing (criminal) empire is to self-terminate their very own controlling power of Fiat-Money. By going into infinite printing of money or digitally expanding the money-supply, while exponentially creating more and more credit & debt, an uncontrollable chain-reaction of events starts unfolding. Every child understands by now that by expanding the (Fiat) money-supply, the value and purchasing-power of every unit is diminished. The distortion of price-signals, while expanding the money-supply literally out of thin air, creating debt by order of magnitude, bailing out banks & corporations (stock-buyback was once illegal), unleashes an unstoppable chain-reaction of consequential economical-financial-social damages, wealth-transfers (to the top “elite” of the pyramid), unemployment, insolvencies, supply-shocks,…and enslaves many billions of people by making them even more dependent on welfare (Universal Basic Income).

The good news: The various proposals by a bunch of deranged, self-serving, and corrupted politicians, bureaucrats, and bootlickers to introduce a digital currency wallet in the USA, where every legal US resident would be entitled to a bank account directly at the Fed, a member bank, a state bank, or a credit union — this process would eventually transition more and more people into Bitcoin. Why?
For the first time, millions and eventually billions of people would comprehend and feel the hyperinflationary effects of a BRRRRRRRRRRRR-Fiat monetary dictatorship. Many people would ask themselves for the first time, why they are holding a (purely digital) Fiat-money, which is losing more and more purchasing-power. Feeling the monetary, existencial, economical, financial, and social pain is the inevitable condition — especially in the developed, western, “civilized” societies-, in order to go into “human action” (read books by Austrian Economists: von Mises, Rothbard, Hayek etc.).

Creativity, inspiration, innovation, and human action arises out of pain, suffering, (urgent) needs, and simple necessities of life.

Effective actions and solutions, in my humble opinion, do not require many words. This is why I intend to keep my articles short, sweet, and inspirational.

If we truly wish and desire human evolution on every imaginable level- monetary, economical-financial, social, scientific, technological, and spiritual- then the creation of a structurally freedom-blossoming foundation is up to every single one of us. There is no need to waste our precious time & energy to fight against the old system. By sowing the seeds of monetary freedom with the one and only logical, ethical, decentralized, hardest, and scarcest money ever created, the global matrix of slavery, coercion, aggression, property-violations, and systematic theft becomes obsolete by itself (starting with the privately owned Central Bank of all Central Banks: The Bank for International Settlements).

At the end of the day, the “natural” SARS-Cov2-Virus brings all this stinking shit to the surface and the BRRRRRRRRRRR (infinite expansion of money-supply & debts) by the old system is finally accelerating and taking care of Bitcoin´s critical mass adoption by order of magnitude faster than we could ever have dreamt of.

Needless to say: individually and collectively as humanity, we must deepen our communication, educational work, and help as many people as possible on their path to monetary enlightenment, human action, and Freedom: Bitcoin.

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Keyvan Davani

Dr. jur. Keyvan Davani is educator, show-host, consultant, and speaker on Bitcoin & Austrian Economics.